Arys Greenveil was the Sub-Red of the Spectrum at the beginning of the series. Her Satrapy, the Blood Forest, was allies with Ruthgar, due to Ruthgar being the stronger neighbour. In keeping with the passions typical of sub-red drafters, she is not usually opposed to measures advocating going to war.

She is approximately 35 during The Blinding Knife.

She has straight "red-red" hair, freckles, and blue eyes that sparkle with the crystalline detritus that marks a longtime sub-red drafter.

Arys is known to be serially pregnant, due to the pressure on drafters to have children to pass their drafting traits on to. She has 12 children by 12 different men, and is currently pregnant with her thirteenth child. Gavin attributes this to a "wedding of the sub-red passions with a cultural imperative for drafters to breed so as to replace the dead for the once-interminable wars between Blood Forest and Ruthgar."

Her parents were killed during the War Of The Prisms by the brothers of Lunna Green, the Green of the Spectrum and the representative of Tyrea, who is Ruthgari by heritage (a complicated matter.)

Arys was eventually assassinated by Murder Sharp, an assassin of the Order Of The Broken Eye.