Atash is one of the Seven Satrapies. Denizens of this province are known as Atashians.

One of the notable exports of Atash is high-quality mirrors, widely used in the Chromeria.

Atashian-descended individuals are known to have blue eyes and light skin. This is especially true of those from western Atash. Atashian men are known to grow their beards to impressive lengths and decorate them with beads and braids.

According to legend, Atash is the ancient center of Red drafting.

Atash is one of the Satrapies where oranges, a delicacy in the Seven Satrapies, are grown. Atashian oranges are larger than those grown in Tyrea, but not as sweet or juicy as the Tyrean ones.

Cotton is also grown in Atash.

Ironwood, known for its density, hardness, durability, and even partial resistance to flame, is grown in southern Atash.