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Chi Luxin is one of the Heretical Colors, along with Paryl. Although not confirmed, it is highly likely that in order to see it, you’d have to be born with completely different eyes, just like with Paryl. How exactly a Chi Drafter’s eyes might be different is speculative, but judging by the way a Superviolet Drafter’s eyes will tighten to pinpricks, and that Adrasteia’s sclera moved along with the actual pupil, it may be assumed that a Chi Drafter’s eyes will tighten together so much that they become like a cats eye when viewing it, perhaps with the upper and lower sclera bunching up in an alien fashion.
Sub-Red LuxinRed LuxinOrange LuxinYellow LuxinGreen LuxinBlue LuxinSuperviolet Luxin
Rare Luxins
Paryl LuxinChi Luxin
Legendary Luxins
Black LuxinWhite Luxin

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