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Chi (Pronounced KEY) Luxin is one of the Heretical Colors, along with Paryl. Although not confirmed, it is highly likely that in order to see it, you’d have to be born with completely different eyes, just like with Paryl. Chi is the postulated upper-spectrum counter-part to Paryl. (Often referred to in tales as 'far above super-violet as Paryl is below sub-red.'). Also called the 'Revealer'. Its main claimed use is nearly identical to paryl - seeing through things, though those who believe in Chi say its powers far surpass Paryl's in this regard, cutting through flesh and bone and even metal.

The only thing the tales seem to agree on is that Chi drafter have the shortest life expectancy of any drafters: five to fifteen years, almost without exception.

We also know that drafting Chi causes cancer, in the form of tumors, based on what Kip saw in a nine kings card.

It is said that 'if' Chi existed, it would most be evidence that Orholam created light for the universe or for his own purposes, and not solely for the use of man, and would move theologians from their current anthropocentric.

It is noted that when Kip uses Chi and Paryl drafting during a powerful Luxin storm one of his eyes dilates fully turning black (in order to see Paryl) and the other turns almost completely white except for a tiny spot in the middle presumably his iris and pupil. This shows that drafting Chi causes the pupils to constrict to a minuscule pinprick as the wavelength is so short. It is also noted observing a person with the eyes constricted to Chi wavelengths shows colored auras, allowing a person to distinguish between objects.

"Verity and Tisis moved about, trying to take car of him, their bodies luminous in a color beyond purple, their cloths and hair translucent wisps, any bits of metal - buckets and jewellery and hairpins - glowing bright white." P.94 The Blood Mirror.

Along with Paryl drafters, Chi drafters were hunted down and eliminated for being heretics by the Luxors of the Chromeria hundreds of years before the events of the books, because the Chromeria teaches that there are only seven colours of Luxin, as seven is Orholam's holy number.

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