I am the Seven Satrapies


Dazen Guile is the son of Andross Guile and the younger brother of Gavin Guile. He is referred as Gavin throughout most of the book because he imprisoned his brother after fighting him in the Prism's War and took over his identity. He is in many ways a superior version of Gavin. He fell in love with Karris White Oak, his brother raped her to show Dazen that he was better, Gavin failed the Tresher, Dazen was the first one in living memory to pass it, Gavin wasn't a superchromat, Dazen was. Karris White Oak remarked 'how can

Dazen Guile
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someone come back of a war a better person?' to herself once.

Prehistory Edit

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He fell in love with Karris White Oak when he was seventeen, a girl betrothed to his older brother Gavin. In order to secure the most advantageous position for his family, Andross intended for Dazen to seduce Karris, and then 'accidentally' discover them together. This would allow him to demand whatever terms he desired in her match with Gavin. However, she and Dazen fell in love for real, and triggered the False Prism’s War when “he” burned down her family compound, killing everyone within.

The Black PrismEdit

Dazen is a well-loved Prism. He and the White, Orea Pullawr, are on good terms but constantly jockeying for position. One of His ways of escaping is to go off on his own and draft a skimmer, which allows his to travel faster than anyone has ever gone. Upon hearing that he (in actuality his brother Gavin) had a bastard son, Dazen takes Karris White Oak and goes to Tyrea to investigate the rumor. They fly for part of the trip and successfully interrupt King Garradul before he kills Kip, the one who is supposedly Gavin's son but is in fact Andross' son (revealed in Blood mirror).

The Blinding KnifeEdit

Dazen built the Seers Island satrapy by making seers island easily reachable by ship. This was done by removing huge sections of reef with yellow luxin, as well as creating a three-part breakwater.

The Broken EyeEdit

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The Blood Mirror Edit

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In The Blood Mirror, it is revealed that Dazen is a black luxin monochromat. He can draft other colours because he absorbs the power of people he kills. This is the reason he hunts wights.

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