Delara is the incumbent Orange of the Spectrum, and represents Atash. She is a red/orange Bichrome. She is 40 year's old at the beginning of the series, with great sagging breasts and the Luxin deposits in her eyes are pushing to the very edge of her irises. She is Atashian by heritage as well as by position.

Gavin remarks to himself that "[her] bosom is so large it ought to have its own vote.

During the Spectrum meeting in The Blinding Knife, Delara looks drawn, grim, and older than Gavin has ever seen her, most likely due to the Colour Prince invading her Satrapy, Atash.


Delara's brothers fought in the War Of The Prisms on the side of Gavin Guile, and were killed in action.

Delara's predecessor as the Orange was her mother, who was the one responsible for devising the rotating governorship of Garriston.