Gad Delmarta was one of the generals who fought for Dazen Guile during the War Of The Prisms, became known as the "Butcher Of Ru" for his infamous actions during the sacking of Ru and massacre of its people.

A young, new general at the time, Dazen appointed him to his command due to his reputation for being efficient and direct, and directed him to secure Ru. Delmarta, much to Dazen's horror, interpreted that to mean secure it so that there could never be any resistance ever again. Delmarta exterminated all 56 members of the royal family, as well as scores of their retainers, publicly, one at a time, in order of their succession, and burned down their great castle, which had been the pride of Atash. When the citizens of Ru fled in a refugee flotilla, Delmarta sent fire drafters after the flotilla, who sank every ship, none of which had a single drafter or armed man on board.

In response to these atrocities, the Atashian army burned Garriston, Delmarta's birthplace, killing 70,000 of its 80,000 residents at the time, another 5,000 of whom died in the next winter.