A drafter is a person who can use Luxin. Most can use just one color, and are called Monochromes. Some, called Bichromes, can use two colors. The rarest and most powerful are called Polychromes, and can use three or more colors.

Contiguous drafters are people who can draft colors from the color spectrum that are touching, i.e. sub-red, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, superviolet. For instance, being able to draft both red and orange would make you a contiguous drafter. The opposite is a disontiguous drafter, who is someone able to draft two or more colours that do not touch. An example would be orange and blue.

Superchromats are drafters (or even normal people) who can see tiny differences in color. About half of all female drafters are Superchromats, but very few males are.

Color Wights are drafters who have drafted so much luxin that they have broken the “Halo,” a band of Luxin in the iris. They normally become insane very rapidly.