Upon ascending to the position of Prism, Dazen Guile, having taken the identity of his brother Gavin, assigned himself seven monumental tasks that he hoped to accomplish before he died. The pruposes are as follows:

  • 1: to come clean to Karris White Oak. Karris, as a Blackguard, protected Dazen in his role as the Prism for years without knowing his true identity, believing him to be the real Gavin. Dazen wished to eventually tell her the truth about what really happened at the Battle Of Sundered Rock and how he assumed his brother's identity.
  • 2: to free Garriston, once and for all.
  • 3: to raise and maintain an army loyal to him, in the event of another conflict like the Blood Wars or the Prism's War/False Prism's War.
  • 4: to learn to fly. Dazen accomplished this in part by being able to make himself fly through the use of the Condor, but could not work out the physics of adapting his invention to move troops and supplies. This goal, however, led him to the creation of the Skimmers, which effectively accomplished the task of fast materiel movement and transportation, albeit without the flying component.
  • 5: to undermine the Spectrum and be named Promachos (supreme military commander.)
  • 6: to kill every colour wight, everywhere in the world. This was partially motivated by a desire to protect the citizens of the Satrapies, partly as revenge for the death of his youngest brother Sevastian, who was killed by a Blue Wight at the age of eight, and partly to ensure that what happened to Sevastian would not happen to another chld, or to at least reduce the possibility/probability of it happening again.
  • 7: the seventh goal has not been revealed, but has been described by both the Dead Man and Grinwoody as grandiose, and Dazen even said that it was impossible, the stuff of legends and idiocy.