Green Luxin, or Godswood, is a rough, but springy, substance employed in a wide variety of uses. In construction, it is used to allow buildings to “give,” or to sway a bit in the wind, which allows them to stay upright for hundreds of years without falling. In warfare, they can be used to create projectiles, mediocre swords, and even to go Green Golem, a state where the drafter envelopes their entire body in Held Green Luxin and uses it as battle armor.

Green is associated with the sin of Lust and the Old God Atirat. The corresponding virtue that Greens are to aspire to to prevent this sin is Self-Control.

Variants Edit

Depending on the skill or intent of the drafter, it can range from having a simple grain like leather does, to feeling like tree-bark. Different shades of green produce differing degrees of rigidity or flexibility as needed. Superchromat drafters of Green, or those with great deals of will and brute magical strength, can force Green to be more akin to other Luxins; hard like Blue (good for construction or combat), or soft, even fluid, like Red (good for going Green Golem or for making non-lethal projectiles).

Residue Edit

Green Luxin takes a great deal of time to return to light, even when unsealed, unless a Drafter forces it back into light early, in which case it will almost instantly disappear in a green flash. Green Luxin also leaves a great deal of residue behind, littering the ground in patterns like pine-needles, and giving off a strong scent of fresh cedar and resin.

Emotional Effect Edit

Drafting Green Luxin will induce a relatively powerful emotion compared to other Luxins, that of extreme wildness, lust, and disregard for any and all forms of authority. After long years of drafting Green, it will leave a permanent change on the personality of the Drafter, leaving them friendly, wild, and a little unhinged.

Associations Edit

Atirat Edit

Worshipped by heretics as the goddess of Green Luxin, growth, and lust, she had great power before Lucidonius came. It was believed that the sensations of wildness when drafting green came directly from her, and that drafting it essentially was tapping into her power, because it was also believed that she chose all Green drafters individually.

Vice Edit

Because of the wildness of Green, and the regretted evils committed under its influence, Lust is associated as the vice of Green to be avoided.

Virtue Edit

In Orholamic Faith, to be virtuous is to counteract your vices, and so Self-Control is the associated Virtue of Green to be encouraged.

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