The House of Malargos is one of the richest and most influential noble families in Ruthgar, a Satrapy that is regarded as the richest and most important of the Seven Satrapies. Tisis, the eventual wife of Kip Guile, is a member of the family, as is her sister Eirene, the "merchant queen" of Ruthgar, and their cousin Antonius. Tisis and Eirene's father and uncle were friends with Dazen Guile, and may have fought on his side during the War Of The Prisms. Both disappeared after the war, most likely killed by bandits or enslaved by pirates.

According to Tisis, all of the other branches of the Malargos family other than hers were wiped out by fighting in the War Of The Prisms.

Tisis states that as her, Eirene, and Antonius grew up, it became apparent that they were each strong in one facet of the Malargos characteristics: Eirene get the intelligence, Tisis got the looks, and Anatonius got the charisma.

Current members:

  • Eirene Malargos (head of family, non-drafter)
  • Tisis Malargos (sister of Eirene, green drafter, later wife of Kip Guile)
  • Antonius Malargos (cousin of Tisis and Eirene. Red drafter, possible red/green bichrome)

Former members:

  • Dervani Malargos (Deceased. Green drafter, father of Eirene and Tisis. Fought for Dazen in the War Of The Prisms, believed killed in action during the war or shortly thereafter. In reality, disappeared for 16 years until emerging as part of the Colour Prince's army. Became the avatar of Atirat, god of Green, during the Battle Of Ru, and was almost immediately slain through a combined effort of Gavin, Karris, and Kip.)
  • Perakles Malargos (Deceased. Uncle of Eirene and Tisis. A coward; happy to take insult, happy to send men to die, but would never take the line himself. Executed by Gavin for refusing to make peace with the Blood Forest and end the Blood Wars.)
  • Thera Malargos (Deceased. Wife Of Perakles. A "violent heifer" according to Gavin. Executed by Gavin for refusing to make peace with the Blood Forest and end the Blood Wars.)
  • Unknown uncle, fought for Dazen in the War Of The Prisms. Disappeared; either killed in action, died before making it home, or enslaved.
  • Unknown Lady Malargos, mother of Tisis and Eirene, widow (supposed) of Dervani Malargos. Died two years before The Broken Eye.