Commander Ironfist (birth name Harrdun,) is the former commander of the Black Guard. He is a blue drafter and highly respected. A notable, but scarcely-repeated sobriquet for Ironfist is "The Butcher Of Aghbalu."

EDIT: This is false, The Butcher of Aghbalu refers to his brother

A handsome man, Ironfist is extremely tall, with heavy muscles and coal-black skin that gives him a huge advantage in drafting. Teia states that his arms are as big around as some of the trainees' waists, "the thick butt of a man who could run down a horse," and "legs like the towers of the Chromeria itself." He has wiry black hair, which he plaited until after the Battle Of Garriston, when he shaved his head in mourning for all the Blackguards that died during the battle. This is stated by Karris to be a Parian custom. Ironfist is adept with most, if not all weapons, and can strike blindingly fast in unarmed combat. At the beginning of the series, Ironfist states he is 38 years-old. He is a religious man who takes his duty extremely seriously, and would not hesitate to die to accomplish it.

He has a little sister, the Nuqaba, and had a younger brother, Tremblefist. Ironfist was born heir to a noble family in Paria that lived in the coastal region. The costal Parians prefer to use the common language of the Seven Satrapies rather than their ancient language.

Ironfist and his siblings' mother was a deya, or regional governor, of the Aghbalu region of Paria. The deya was angling to depose the Satrap of Paria and become Satrap herself. When Ironfist was fourteen, two weeks after he had drafted for the first time, he heard his mother cry out, and when he ran into her bedchambers, an assassin of the despised Gatu tribe had killed her with a poisoned kris. Ironfist attempted to draft to keep the man from escaping, but was unable to. Instead, he pursued the assassin out the window, along the roofs, beat the man to a pulp with his bare hands, then threw him off the roof to his death. The Gatu assassin was the first man Ironfist killed.

Ironfist is secretly a member of the Order of the Broken Eye, albeit not willingly. Despite the Order wanting to tear down the Chromeria system and the Orholamic religion, Ironfist is devoted to Orholam and the Chromeria, as well as the Satrapies, and only joined the Order in order to ensure protection for his sister. In exchange for Ironfist leaving Paria to join the Blackguard and become the Order's spy in its ranks, the Order foiled the many assassination attempts against the Nuqaba and eliminated the rival noble Parians who wanted to take her position. Tremblefist also joined the Blackguard in an attempt to save Ironfist's soul.

During their respective Blackguard trainings, it is said that neither Ironfist nor his brother Tremblefist ever lost a sparring match.