Klytos is the incumbent Blue of the Spectrum, and represents Ilyta. Like many Ilytian men, he wears a beard adorned with beads, but is Ruthgari in heritage and appearance, and has light skin.

He is described by Prism Gavin Guile as "a coward in a dozen ways." He is also known to be a pawn of Andross Guile.

According to Ben-Hadad, Klytos tries to appear scholarly because knowledge and learning is associated with Blue, but he is not very good at it, causing the true scholars, both blue and otherwise, to mock him.

Gavin described him as "a Ruthgari through and through, but [representing] Ilyta. He was a coward. Intelligent, but lacking substance, no gravitas. He did was Andross told him on most matters."

Recent Events:

After the Battle Of Garriston, Gavin sends Kip to train at the Chromeria and with the Blackguard, and gives him a mission to destroy Klytos Blue by any means necessary, either getting Klytos to resign his Spectrum position or killing him. As justification, and to answer Kip's question of whether Klytos Blue deserves [to die], he says the following:

"This is war, Kip. You saw what happened when the wrong man is in power. The governor of Garriston could have prepared his city. He knew what was coming. Preparing the city would have made him deeply unpopular and it would have cost him a fortune. So instead, he chose to let them all die. One man caused all that carnage, simply by his inaction. If we hadn't been there, it would have been much, much worse. [...] Does a coward who deserts his comrades deserve to be shot? No, but it has to be done because the stakes are so high. Klytos Blue is a coward who believes lies. If a man believes lies and repeats them, is he a liar? Maybe not, but he has to be stopped. I don't believe Klytos is an evil man, Kip. I don't believe he deserves to die out of hand or I'd kill him myself. But the stakes are high, and they're rising. Do what you must."