Katalina DeLauria (Lina) was the mother of Kip, who was fathered on her by the real Gavin Guile. She was described as tall with skin darker than either a Parian or Ilytian, (described by Aliviana Danavis as mahogany in colour,) with kinky hair and hazel eyes, which Liv described as "stunning." She was a chronic Haze addict and often spent all of her wages on such, occasionally disappearing for days at a time while going on a bender. Liv described her as "an addict, a disgrace, and a nightmare of a mother." According to Kip, she never told him she loved him, and blamed him for existing his entire life.

Lina was killed by soldiers of Rask Garadul during the massacre of Rekton. An unknown assailant crushed the side of her head with a mace and left her for dead. Lina, however, managed to live long enough to seek shelter in a nearby cave, where she was found by Kip, whom she entrusted with a rosewood box containing a knife, later revealed to be the Blinding Knife. Shortly after giving Kip the box and making him promise to make "that bastard" pay, (assumed by Kip to be Garadul,) Lina passed away.

Shortly before her death, Lina sent Gavin (really Dazen,) a letter informing him of Kip's existence and his identity as Gavin's son. In the letter, she claims that she was dying. The truth of this, and the cause of her impending death if true, is unknown.