Marissia is Prism Dazen (alias Gavin) Guile's personal room slave. She is of Blood Forester descent, and like most Foresters, has red hair "like a flame" and freckles, but with jade-green eyes. She is beautiful and hair a slim but curvaceous body, and is said to look very similar to Karris, also known for her beauty, but (much to the surprise of Dazen, and unusually for a slave,) is brilliant and has an excellent memory, being able to pull vast amounts of information from her mind quickly at a moment's notice.

It is later revealed that her name is Marissia Pullawr and that she is the granddaughter of Orea Pullawr, the White. Due to her family's fall from grace as a result of the War Of The Prisms, she had little, if any future as a noblewoman, so she became a slave so that she could help Dazen, but also simultaneously spy on him for her grandmother. She was fanatically loyal to Dazen and protective of him, and had been in love with him for years.

At the end of the Blood Mirror, she has disappeared due to being a prisoner of Andross Guile and the Order Of The Broken Eye. Although her death or her body has not been shown or confirmed, Dazen suspects that she has been eliminated.