The Master Cloak didn’t fuck around.


The Master Cloak, or Abaddon’s Cloak, was the original Shimmercloak, made first by Abaddon and later copied by the Order of the Broken Eye for their Mistwalkers.

In the SeriesEdit

The Blood MirrorEdit

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Teia used this cloak on her first mission with Murder Sharp.


Being a Shimmercloak, a Lightsplitter who wielded it could split light, by lengthening the longer lightwaves and shortening the shorter ones, out of the visible range and into the invisible ranges of Superviolet and Sub-Red. Only the Master Cloak could do more, it could split light all the way past the Paryl spectrum, so that only Paryl Drafters could see its wearer when invisible.


If that wasn’t enough, the Master Cloak could take on the form of literally anything its master desired. It was not an illusion or hex, but real transfiguration into whatever the wearer wanted. Teia had it first transform into an Abornean musketeer’s cloak, and when she gazed upon it she saw “Leagues of brocade and a starry sky’s worth of gold medallions on blue velour, pointed shoulder pads in burnished silver and a starched collar,” all of which were totally real and in no way illusory. She later transformed it into a Blackguard nunk’s cloak and left it on her bunk.