The Order Of The Broken Eye is a secretive group of assassins, many of whom are able to draft Paryl, a Luxin few know about and even fewer are able to manipulate.

Although many of the Order's motives are obscure, unclear, or not revealed, it is known that they are at least partially anarchistic, wanting to tear down the Chromeria and Satrapy system and return to the old (feudal) ways. The Order hates the Orholamic faith and harbours a special hatred of the Prism.

The Order is known to specialize in killing drafters, and has been rooted out and destroyed at least 3 times, if not more.

Known members:

  • Grinwoody, head slave of Andross Guile. Later revealed to be the Old Man Of The Desert, leader of the order. It is not currently known if Andross is aware of Grinwoody's connection to the order.
  • Master Sharp/Murder Sharp, an assassin, Paryl drafter, and Teia's handler.
  • Teia, a slave, Paryl drafter, and Blackguard, coerced into helping the order after Sharp acquired her slave contract.
  • Ironfist, real name Hardunn, former Commander of the Blackguards, who joined the Order in order to ensure that they would protect his sister, the Nuqaba, from assassination attempts. Joined the Blackguard at the direction of the Order.

Former members:

  • Vox (probable green drafter, deceased, killed by Kip Guile after Kip stumbled onto Vox and Niah just after they assassinated Janus Borig.)
  • Niah, a green drafter (accidentally killed by Vox while Niah was grappling with Kip Guile, causing her to end up in the path of Vox's bullet.)
  • Gebalyn - former partner of Vox before he was paired with Niah.