Orea Pullawr served as The White of the Chromeria, and was the currently-serving White at the beginning of the series (The Black Prism.) A forceful woman and skilled diplomat, Prism Gavin Guile held the opinion that she got her way more than he and the members of the Spectrum combined.

She was married to Ulbear Rathcore, who was famous during his time, but died 20 years before The Black Prism's narrative. Ulbear and Orea met when Orea went outside of a party to get some air, saw Orholam's Wink, the green flash that sometimes takes place at sunrise/sunset, and jumped, breaking the nose of Ulbear, who had been behind her reaching for his wineglass. At the time, Ulbear had been engaged (or possibly simply been intended) to marry Gavin, Dazen, and Sevastian's grandmother.

She was a Blue/Green bichrome, but had not drafted for many years because she was perilously close to breaking the halo.

Orea once had two daughters, one of whom was killed during the Blood Wars, and the other was killed shortly after by men who refused to accept that the Wars were over. All of her daughters' children were killed or pressed into slavery, and despite all of Orea's wealth and influence, she was unable to find any of them. All of the daughters' children, that is, except for Marissia.

It is later revealed that Marissia, Gavin Guile's room slave, was her granddaughter, who had willingly subjected herself to slavery in order to aid Gavin, but also to spy on him for her grandmother.

The second time in her life that Orea saw Orholam's Wink was the day that Gavin returned from Sundered Rock. As soon as Orea saw him, she (somehow,) knew that he was really Dazen. As she was standing on her balcony, watching the sunset and trying to decide what she should do with this information, she saw the Wink, and took it to mean that Orholam had a plan for Dazen (alias Gavin.) And to Orea's pleasure and relief, over the next 16 years, Gavin served as an excellent Prism.

Orea was eventually assassinated by Murder Sharp, a member of the Order Of The Broken Eye, on the orders of Andross Guile. She was already very old when she died, but Andross did not want to wait for her to die naturally.