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Orholam is the God worshipped by most of the people of the seven satrapies. The sun is often called Orholam's eye. Orholam is supposedly the one to gift drafters their magic, and gave light to the world.

According to Murder Sharp : "At the beginning there was Him and nothing (...) Then God made light, and saw that it was good."

There is a lot of speculation about Orholam, perhaps most thought-provokingly the ongoing theory that Orholam bonded all drafter's magic to their souls, or Wills.. This theory is supported by the fact that the man who found out that the Earth was round also proposed that light was the mere absence of darkness which is why Gavin Guile (a black drafter) was the only known person to survive being stabbed by the Blinder's Knife - his soul/Will was protected by the black surrounding it and the Knife merely ripped any unprotected colours he could draft (his brother's) away instead.