Polychromes are able to draft more than two colors. They are very rare, the rarest of them being the full spectrum polychromes who can draft all seven main colors (yellow, orange, red, sub-red, blue, green, superviolet).

The more colours a polychrome is able to draft, the rarer their abilities are. Liv Danavis states that in the entirety of the empire, there are only approximately 20 people who can draft 5 colours.

Polychromes are held in very high respect for their power.

Known polychromes :

  • Andross Guile (Sub-Red, Red, Orange, Yellow)
  • Gavin Guile (full spectrum)
  • Dazen Guile (full spectrum)
  • Kip Guile (full spectrum)
  • Zymun Guile (six colors: from Sub-Red to Blue)
  • Ben-Hadad (Green, Blue, Yellow)
  • Koios White Oak (full spectrum. Unknown classification of drafter before almost dying in a fire at the beginning of the War Of The Prisms. Somehow gained the ability to draft all of the remaining colours during the intervening 16 years before he resurfaced as the Colour Prince.)
  • Gilliam (deceased. Lived during the time of Lucidonius. Killed by Karris Shadowblinder after he tried and failed to assassinate her.)

Although the following individuals have not been stated to be polychromes, it can be inferred that they were due to it being prerequisite for becoming Prism (assuming that such rules have been in place since the beginning.):

  • Lucidonius
  • Karris Shadowblinder
  • Eirene Malargos the Elder
  • Alexander Spreading Oak