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Red Luxin is a highly flammable & viscous substance often used in warfare. Depending on the shading, it can be almost entirely fluid, or be made to congeal into a thick, tough substance like tar. When Held, it can come to life and ensnare people trapped in it, or it can be launched at high speeds. Due to its flammability, a globule of Red Luxin impacting an object at high enough speeds will ignite it and thoroughly cook anything nearby.

Red, like Sub-Red, is associated with rage and the sin of Wrath. Red is further associated with Gluttony, as evidenced during the Threshing, when the Red Threshing member states "I am Dagnu, I am gluttony. I can never be filled." Dagnu is the name of the Old God that Red is associated with. The corresponding virtue that Reds are to aspire to to prevent this sin is Temperance.

Variants Edit

Pyre Jelly Edit

Pyre Jelly is a variant of Red Luxin which is most flammable & fluid. A single spark will ignite the entirety of any touching Pyre Jelly, & even vast quantities of it will burn out completely within seconds.

Burnglue Edit

On the opposite end of the Red Spectrum, Burnglue Luxin turns thick and tough. While still a liquid, it is heavier and is somewhat like tar. Though comparably less flammable than Pyre Jelly, it is still easily ignitable, & will burn off a steady flame over a great deal of time.

Residue Edit

Unsealed Red Luxin will return back to the air, but will leave resiny, tobacco smelling remains behind.

Emotional Effects Edit

Drafting Red Luxin will induce emotions of rage, lust, and drive. After years of drafting Red, it will leave a permanent change on the personality of the Drafter, leaving them with a shorter fuse than they might normally have had.

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