Rekton was the hometown of Kip Guile and Liv Danavis. It was located in Tyrea close to the location of the battle of Sundered Rock until King Garadul's men burnt it to the ground and massacred its citizens. Before its destruction, Rekton was ruled by the alcaldesa. Participating in the slaughter was Zymun.

Based on Karris White Oak's assessment of the town and the lack of anyone fleeing down the river or along the road, she doubts anyone managed to escape, with the exception of Kip, who was rescued from the slaughter by Prism Gavin Guile.

After Garadul's men were finished putting the people of Rekton to the sword, they dragged numerous bodies to the town square, decapitated them, preserved their heads by sealing them with blue and yellow Luxin, and built a monumental pyramid made of the severed heads as a warning to anyone who later came to the town. Karris calculated this head-pyramid had to contain at least 1,000 heads.

Known Residents Edit