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Sub-Red Luxin, or Firecrystal, is a volatile substance that will burst into flame upon contact with the air. It’s solid form is called Fire Crystal, & only exists in airless environments or when held. Drafting Sub-Red Luxin requires a visible heat source, and it gives the drafter an intense sensation of passion, whether erotic or rage inducing.

Sub-Red, like Red, is associated with rage and the sin of Wrath, and the Old God Anat. The corresponding virtue that Sub-Reds are to aspire to to prevent this sin is Patience.

Anat, and by extension sub-red, is associated with all of the hot passions, both good and bad: wrath, protection, vengeance, possessive love, and furious lovemaking.

According to the Chromeria, in ancient times when Anat was worshiped, rituals were conducted in prayer to Anat in which infants were sacrificed by being burned alive.

Oddly, considering the emotions the sub-red is associated with, male sub-red drafters are usually sterile, according to Ben-Hadad and Teia. It evidently does not affect women, as Arys Greenveil, the Sub-Red of the Spectrum, was known to have 12 children and was pregnant with her 13th child (all from different fathers.)

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