The Freeing is the ritual killing of Drafters who are or feel on the brink of becoming color wights . It is lead by the Prism on Sun Day, the longest day of the year. The drafters who are freed submit to the ritual voluntarily, prefering death to the madness that occurs when one breaks one's halo. Drafters may be forced to be freed if they have already become wights and been captured alive.

The Freeing is a deeply religious ceremony, generally done at the Chromeria , though it can happen wherever the Prism is on Sun Day. In The Black Prism Gavin Guile leads a Freeing in Garriston.

The ceremony is held in privacy between the Prism and the drafter about to be freed, the other Drafters waiting outside. The positions of first and last Freed may indicate signs of importance or respect towards the drafter thus honored. The drafter is encouraged to speak before his death, and may confess his sins or express fears, regrets... The Prism absolves the drafters of their mistakes and acknowledges their accomplishments in the name of the God Orholam, then plunges a knife through their heart.

In The Black Prism Drafters ask Gavin Guile to allow them to fight and take their own lives instead of being ritualistically Freed so they may defend Garriston against the Color Prince . The Prism still speaks with every one of them as he would during the ritual, but does not kill them himself. He grants them a special authorization due to the particularly difficult circumstances of the siege.

The Color Prince disavows the Freeing, preaching that becoming a wight is not something drafters should reject but embrace and that the Chromeria orders the killing of older drafters in order to maintain its power. He adds that many Freed are not there voluntarily. However the Drafters about to be freed in The Black Prism all appear to be submitting to the ritual of their own free will. In The Broken Eye, though, Gavin Guile remembers unwilling drafters he freed, mainly those who have already become wights, but also others who are reticent. It is hard to say with certainty whether these are simply reluctant to go through with it in the last moments or whether they were forced to the ceremony unwillingly from the start.

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