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Map of the Seven Satrapies. Courtesy of

The Seven Satrapies are not only the official name of the Chromerian Empire, but also the name for the seven semi-autonomous nations that make up the setting for the Lightbringer Series. Each surrounding the Cerulean Sea they have their own considerable amount of independence though they still serve and remain under the loose control of the Chromeria, the central government. Each Satrapy is ruled by a Satrap. The absolute rule of the land though subject only to the power of the Chromeria. 

Tyrea Edit

Main article: Tyrea

Tyrea is a Former Satrapy.
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Atash Edit

Main article: Atash

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Blood Forest Edit

Main article: Blood Forest

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Ruthgar Edit

Main article: Ruthgar

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Paria Edit

Main article: Paria

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Abornea Edit

Main article: Abornea

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Ilyta Edit

Main article: Ilyta

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Seers Island Edit

Main article: Seers Island

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