The Spectrum is the title of the governing body of the Seven Satrapies and the Chomeria. They are a counsel that consists of nine representatives (and the Prism), a title for each color on the drafting spectrum plus white and black. Each color is a representative for a Satrapy and each can generally draft their respective color, save for the White and Black. The Spectrum meets to make decisions about the Satrapies and keep the Prism in check. All decisions require a quorum and a majority vote, which prevents the Prism from acting on his own. The White is essentially the head of the Spectrum, she oversees decisions of the Spectrum and manages the Chromeria. The White only gets to vote in the case of a tie. The Black manages all mundane tasks not under the White's purview, and does not get a vote.


The meeting Chambers are below the Prism's and White's apartments in the Superviolet tower and are comprised of two or more rooms. Seats are set around a round table and any member may sit in any position as there is no superior position.


Any one of the members may call a meeting of the Spectrum. Voting may proceed when there is a quorum (majority) of the Colors present. Most matters before the Spectrum may be passed by a simple majority, however when it involves modifying a Color seat on the Spectrum a super majority (unanimous) vote is required. When a seat is vacated or dissolved, its vote may not be included in the number to make a quorum. However, when a new seat is declared another member of the Spectrum may vote by proxy under the authority of the Satrap or Satrapah. The White does not vote unless there is a tie.

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