Ulbear Rathcore was the husband of Orea Pullawr, the White. He was famous in his time, but died 20 years before the beginning of the series.

Ulbear and Orea met when Orea went outside of a party to get some air, saw Orholam's Wink, the green flash that sometimes takes place at sunrise/sunset, and jumped, breaking the nose of Ulbear, who had been behind her reaching for his wineglass. At the time, Ulbear had been engaged (or possibly simply been intended) to marry Felia Guile's mother; Gavin, Dazen, and Sevastian's grandmother.

Even 20 years after his death, Orea mourned for him so greatly that she could not bring herself to remarry. Ulbear had wanted her to remarry should he predecease her, but Orea said that she had never encountered a man who could compare to her late husband.